Recap AMA CVNT Vietnam community

Part 1: Introduction
: Can you introduce yourself and a little bit about our project?

Artem Gordadze:

Sure, Here’s briefly about myself

Artem Gordadze is a C-suite executive who has built and run businesses in Europe and the CIS, and managed partnerships in SE Asia, Mainland China, and Japan. As an experienced Business Development & Marketing Executive Artem been involved withing the crypto space since 2016. By being a part of various blockchain startups and crypto exchanges he gathered valuable knowledge about how things working from both sides.

He is a sales-led strategic thinker who builds highly motivated teams to deliver and scale products as businesses.

Specialties: Business Development & Strategy, Product Management, Marketing & Sales, Business Analysis, People Management, HR & Recruitment, and Consulting.

At this stage, I’m involved into CVN and DFK projects and taking care of the Marketing and Strategy

Part 2: Answer Twitter questions

  1. @whuzeng15

Do you have a plan to attract non-crypto investors to CVN and how? What actions to raise awareness about CVN in the non-crypto space especially for new users? Do you have plans to get new users to choose your Project?

Artem Gordadze:
yes. Of course, we do have.
CVNT has Cooperated with YYeTs and launched RR dVod project on October 18, 2020. YYeTs is the largest community of American, British, Japanese, and Korean dramas in China, with a history of 16 years. The website has more than 20 million members, 2.65 million independent visitors per day, and 10 million daily views. It has a high community consensus and active users, Users are extremely sticky and cohesive, so it is most appropriate for us to enter the blockchain.

RR dVod platform will absorb the users of YYeTs, and transform them into CVNT token users by participating in the creation, release, and circulation of video works.

RR dVod platform, which will adopt VRF verifiable random function +PoST spatiotemporal proof consensus + content storage sharing and protection protocol to realize the storage, sharing, publishing, playing, and other functions of decentralized content. This platform may become the first large-scale decentralized video content cloud platform.

2. @whuzeng12
What is the utility of $CVNT tokens and what can we do on the platform with $CVNT? Will the design of the token rise and fall with the success of the platform, does it include any scarce paths, such as equity, storage or burning?

Artem Gordadze:
CVNT token is the platform token of Conscious Value Network.

As RR dVod is the most significant substantive product of CVNT (Conscious Value Network) in the application of blockchain. Through CVNT token, RR dVod can better collect bandwidth and storage resources, intelligent scheduling to serve all the enterprise users who need the optimal form, and make use of the advantages of the token economy in transparency, trustability, and incentives to quickly achieve scale economic benefits.

The investment logic for CVNT tokens is very similar to that of real estate. They have both use-value and investment value, both of which jointly affect the trend of prices, and the investment demand is dominant.

To summarize the major features of CVNT tokens
-The fundamental characteristics are very strong,
-Good liquidity,
-The number of users is large and the application scenarios are rich,
-The market consensus is strong.

3. @zhizeng121
Can you tell a feature or feature that you like best about CVNT so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform? What is your roadmap in 2021?

Artem Gordadze:
CVNT Conscious Value Network is dedicated to solving the problems of low performance, poor security, high development difficulty, and over-reliance on fees of existing blockchain applications enabling performance scaling and decentralized storage of distributed applications.

Compared with Filecoin, which also uses PoST consensus, CVNT’s main network was launched earlier. Currently, the block height is nearly 50 million, TPS/ CTPs are over 50,000, and the number of supernodes is 100.

Instead of Filecoin being too long and too ambitious, CVNT is focusing more on scaling up to commercial-grade decentralized applications, including integrating the required BaaS technology into the business.

4. @zhizeng15
Revenue is an important aspect for all projects in order to survive and keep the project / company up and running. What is CVNT way of generating profit / revenue? What is the income model?

Artem Gordadze:
To be honest, the rich CVNT token application scenarios will become one of our revenue sources.

CVNT has a strong ability to develop smart contracts and to attract and carry DAPPs, which is specifically reflected in the scale of the developer community.
The more users there are, the greater the consumption of resources, and the more CVNT TOKENS needs.

These days, we have released the project of CVNT Mining, which is also a CVNT token application scenario.

CVNT mining is a mining method based on computing power. Computing power will be the most determining factor in mining performance. Miners must own certain computing power to start mine.

We hope to provide maximum support and funds to those who are interested in CVNT and eager to give it a try through online activities, competitions, and other activities so that more people can experience CVNT and fall in love with CVNT.

When the user buys the computing power and it starts to generate a return. All the revenue is in CVNT currency, including computing power mining earnings, mining pool rewards, and referring rewards.

Computing power mining earnings:Every miner who has bought the computing power could get it, which is expected to achieve a maximum annualized return of 100%;

For example, if 100 CVNT purchases 100 computing power, the total income is 200 CVNT, and the daily output is CVNT = (100 * 100%) / 365 = 0.547.

Mining pool rewards:When a miner becomes the owner of a mining pool, he could receive rewards for any miners’ generation who joins his mining pool;

Referring to rewards:Any miner who invites a new miner to complete registration and purchase computing power will receive a reward:
2% mining outcome from a direct invitee and 1% from an indirect invitee.

To participate CVNT mining, you need to purchase computing power through CVNT firstly. The value of computing power is the main factor to determine the mine production.

At present, CVNT needs to be purchased through other platforms (Huobi exchange), and then withdraw the coin to CVNT wallet).

When you finish purchasing computing power, your CVNT mining journey will start. You will enjoy the rewards described above.

5. @jiwwan12
What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that Your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Artem Gordadze:
CVNT(Conscious Value Network) is dedicated to solving the problems of low performance, poor security, high development difficulty, and over-reliance on fees of existing blockchain applications, enabling performance scaling and decentralized storage of distributed applications.

I am happy to report that the overall development of the CVNT Conscious Value Network is progressing well. The future is becoming more and more clear, and many institutional investors around me see CVNT as a rare INVESTING opportunity.

And now I would like to tell you some recent updates. As I told you above, we have just launched CVNT Mining project. And in order to give more benefits to our community, we are conducting a 100 lucky experience officers campaign with a prize pool of $1100.

Let me introduce the steps to participating in this campaign.

1.Download CVNT APP and experience it:
*Reminder: Please use the invitation code: 81259338(Otherwise cannot participate in the awards)

2. Post your CVNT experience on social media with tag #CVNT.
Two methods are available:
1) Text + screenshot (of CVNT app) sharing with two or more successful referrals in the CVNT app.
2) Video sharing with two or more successful referrals in the CVNT app.

3. Fill in your information and win a seat of 100 Lucky Experience Officers:
-$10 each for 90 text sharing users, please register and give your feelings and suggestions in this form:
-$20 each for 10 video sharing users, please register and give your feelings and suggestions in this form:

4. Follow us:

*100 Lucky Experience Officers will be selected before Jan. 31, 2021.

Part 3: Live ask

  1. We are seeing a big volume of new DeFi projects released on a daily basis. What do you think would make CVNT stand out, and what’s your long-term plan?@mcremin

Artem Gordadze:
First of all active community is always a good driver for the every project and only good community can build and scale the market. That’s why the team put a lot of efforts on building this community while delivering a secure tech to the customers

2. What are your marketing strategies
How do you intend to make this project known?

Would there be A need for more team members and ambassadors @Calebkure

Artem Gordadze:
Absolutely, we’re growing globally and you need to keep an eye on social media announcments where you will find available roles.

Regarding the PR and Marketing everything will be done via offline and online events, leading by different Influencers backed by strong digital promotion

3. What kind of unique features does CVNT have over its competitors on the market? How do you plan to increase the demand of $ CWV tokens in the future?@jgoldner

Artem Gordadze:
Community driven projects always will be ahead of the competitors cause the market still lacks of good quality projects. Thus, deman will grow according to the company development

4. How do you see CVNT progress in 2–5 years?@yschultz

Artem Gordadze:
Taking into account that is a comlex global ecosystem that includes different companies, it will be huge. People can easily transfer funds over the ecosystem as well as build their product on top of the CVN blockchain. There’s a huge chance to become a leader in this space at the moment. The team is putting all the efforts to make it happen 🙂

5. Is there plans for incorporating Nfts into your ecosystem? @Calebkure

Artem Gordadze:

I see some trends around it but not sure if we will do that. Keep an eye on social media to stay up to date 🙂



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